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Queue management systems, which are used to manage density, increase efficiency and save time, especially in busy public areas like banking and public services, are also used in the retail sector

Unlike public institutions and banking fields, in the retail sector, the queue amanagement systems are prefered as just for leading/calling the customers for tellers without generating any queue number to be more efficient and easy-to-use.

With the wireless terminal solutions we provide, we provide optimum use in terms of both customer satisfaction and personnel performance by controlling the density occurring in the stores and processing efficiently.

Thanks to S-Matik Mall system, increases the quality of customer experience by transforming the crowd, waiting in front of the cashiers, to a spacious area that complies with social distance rules and can perform fast transactions.

S-Matik Mall

With the queue management systems, the processing speed of the cashiers increases and the number of transactions increases. Our solutions focus on increasing efficiency in workflow while reducing the density in public areas. This helps to plan a regular workflow strategy by simultaneously saving time for staff and customers.

Increasing the quality of life in the store areas with S-Matik Mall creates an important source of motivation for both employees and customers. Shorter waiting times significantly affect the number of transactions and the performance chart.

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