Offer a healthy and contactless service experience for your customers.

Nowadays hygiene gains importance in public areas, ensuring that customers have a healthy service experience, has become very important in terms of social health

S-Matik Queue Managemet Solutions, which have been used in many points from banks, hospitals, public institutions to sales points for years and enable customers to get service comfortably, instead of waiting in a queue, continue to offer innovations for the post-corona process.

In order to provide a service environment in accordance with social distance rules, S-Matik Queue Management Solutions, offer an indispensable technology for your service comfort, while the newly developed C-Box Contactless allows you to get tickets without touching any button or screens. C-Box Contactless, which allows you to get tickets by showing only your hand to its contactless sensors, will be a solution regarding the hygiene sensitivity developed for the common use technologies.

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