Bülent Tosun

Bülent Tosun

Chairman of the Board

We are looking for what is new in the name of technology, to manage and to direct, information, time and environment in the name of providing more time for human beings to spend more time for itself … We produce customer happiness technology.

The cause of all this disorder is: Irregularity. Either time or knowledge is not classified, organized and then left to the own flow. Yet, what we think we have the most “TIME” is not what we actually have?

Our point of action is very human in this sense. For more modern lives, under this information bombardment, we strive to make the information you want accessible more easier and faster. There were lots of queues that you had waited for hours, busy, bustling bank days left behind.

Now, the waste gas in the facilities is controlled, the air pollution rate is being reduced to a minimum. Do you know what provided you these? Technology. Local application of global technology. Information, time and environment that we can not control but at least manage with technology…

We are innovative… We extract information from the data and offer you solutions.

We are trustworthy… Our business partnership is not for a period, but for a lifetime.

We aim for “maximum customer satisfaction”. Besides, we know very well that we must provide “maximum employee happiness”. Our trainings, information sharings, responsible employees who shows initiative are only small indicator.

We strive to make this life easier. We see the details you cannot see while you are living, find problems, investigate, follow the technology closely and develop the most suitable solutions for your needs as service or products and offer them for your use. We strive to provide more excellence together with our leading business partners in the field.

We try to change the “Customer – Tümsaş” relation into “Solution Seeker – Solution Provider” structure and we never compromise on being respectful to nature, beneficial to human, transparent and innovative.