IoT Controller, Designed for remote monitoring and controls of devices such as kiosk, ATM etc

TCP / IP Network

Real-Time Dashboard


Alert Center

Complex energy management

You can perform energy management of PC, lighting and kiosk components.

Prevention of unauthorized access

With electronic door lock management, you can prevent unauthorized access.

Instant Tracking/Monitoring System

You can instantly monitor the status of the door switches.

Temperature Measurement

You can follow the interior and exterior temperature of the kiosk.

Data Tracking

You can follow the data instantly on the dashboard.

Easy Ethernet Connection

You can connect it to your network over Ethernet and easily make your settings from its interface.

Warning System According to Rules

You can create alarms to the features you want, in the conditions you specify.

IoT Controller

Electronic Lock Solutions

We aim to meet your needs with electronic lock solutions. With IoT Controller,you can control locks from either remote or software interfaces. As all-in-one lock solutions, Mesan electronic locks prefered.

  • Mechanical opening in case of power failure
  • Single point locking
  • Aesthetic design
  • Extra security
  • Vandal proof special locks
Elektronik Kilit
Elektronik Kilit
Elektronik Kilit

End Units

İç Mekan Sıcaklık ve Nem Sensörü
Indoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Dış Mekan Sıcaklık ve Nem Sensörü
Outdoor Temperature Sensor
Enerji Yönetim Modulü
Power Management Module Max 30 Amps

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