With more than 40 years of experience in software, hardware and industrial design, we produce customer experience technologies.

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Half a Century of Experience

With more than 40 years of experience in customer experience technologies, we offer solutions for efficiency and time management in your business

Customized Solutions for your needs.

We develop unique, economical, long-term technologies according to your customers' demands and requirments with suitable business models for your needs.

Wide Service Network

With our wide service network, we guarantee the continuity of our technologies and also provide the fastest intervention and solution times in case of a possible problem.

What solutions do we offer to make the service process efficient?

You can manage all your service points like branches, stores, etc. in the customer service journey, starting from pre-service steps by getting queue number or appointment from our appointment systems, without going to service points, to satisfaction measurement solutions designed to measure the customer experience after the customer service journey is completed. With our solutions you can keep your time efficiency, customer satisfaction and service quality at the highest level.
Review the Customer Journey

Design your customer journey map with our time-saving customer experience technologies.

Industrial Product Design

Our Design Center develops software and hardware solutions that will compete with customer needs and target markets.

What We Do?

0 Kiosk Production Capacity

0 Industrial Design and Protyping

Technical Services and Field Services

Calls from all our customers are handled by the call center and we provide technical services in case of on-site interventions needed with our technical experts.

What We Do?

0 Technical Services Points

0 Calls Closed By Phone

0 Interventions On Site

0 Installation and Disassembly Services

Software Development

Thanks to our experience combined with our innovative approach using the latest technology, we offer solutions that can meet all the needs of our customers in software development as soon as possible.

What We Do?

0 Customized SW Applications

0 Product Development Projects

While developing solutions, we maintain our loyalty to our values and work to innovate the new.

We produce innovative solutions with our research and development processes.

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